Ben Koepsell
Assistant Teaching Professional

Ben Koepsell grew up in Worthington, Minnesota.  As Ben says “I have been playing golf since I can remember.”  Koepsell has been playing golf since age 2.  With this said, Ben has had many years to enjoy the game of golf and learn the ins and outs.  Continuing his love for the game of golf, in high school, Ben was a conference champion and participated in 2 state tournaments.


Although Koepsell is originally from Worthington he has found himself in the Brainerd Lakes Area for 3 years.  Of those 3 years, he has spent the majority of his time at The Pines Golf Course building relationships with customers.  Ben loves the game of golf and doesn’t see himself doing anything else.  Ben spends most of his time as an Assistant Professional at The Pines.


Koepsell’s biggest goal in teaching is to help grow the love for the game of golf.  On top of this improve his student’s game.  Ben has taught numerous junior clinics and also helped teach ladies clinics.  All in all, Ben wants to help improve your golf game being it’s something he has always enjoyed doing.